close× Call Us (U.S.) +1 (415) 763-1010 offers a MARKETPLACE for everyone to BUY, SELL, LEASE, or TRADE in digital assets for residual income based on partial or full equity ownership or for profit-taking.

We intend to deliver a lot more than just a great marketplace for trading and trading in digital assets, successfully. We deliver to our customers a peace of mind, professionalism and the highest ethical standards of behavior and performance - and we serve our customers diligently in meeting their requirements, providing an excellent value with continuous improvement and adherence to quality standards in the services we build, manage, and provide.


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About was founded based on the desire to offer people an easy-to-use and FREE marketplace where individuals can Buy, Sell, Lease, and Trade in Digital Assets such as ...

  • Profitable ecommerce websites
  • Passive income profitable blogs
  • Domain names (buy, sell, or lease)
  • Amazon FBA businesses/websites
  • Equity in startups/entrepreneurial projects
  • trades opportunities
  • Cyber real estate equity sharing
  • Apps for businesses or mobile use
  • ... and other digital assets with potential for regular/recurring residual income or residual equity offering

Digital assets such as domain names and websites offer maximum potential for residual income, and hence an incredibly valuable equity. offers a platform for everyone to BUY, SELL, LEASE, or TRADE in digital assets for residual income based on partial or full equity ownership or for profit-taking.

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B U Y - digital assets, profitable websites, blogs, domain names, Apps, more >
S E L L - digital assets, profitable websites, blogs, domain names, Apps, more >
L E A S E - digital assets, profitable websites, blogs, domain names, Apps, more >
T R A D E - digital assets or equity, websites, blogs, domains, Apps, more >

Our Core Values

In an era of constantly growing digital economy, when most companies never talk to their clients on the telephone, let alone meet them in person, we constantly hear the terms "core values, or "mission statement", or "corporate culture", sometimes without any real substance as pertaining to realities of corporate management, leadership, or customer service.

But to us here at our core values represent how we have organized ourselves as a company and how we conduct ourselves, individually.

These core values are integrated in our company operations and every decision we make and in the way we conduct ourselves - guiding us in the direction of our goals. Our mission statement is not just a marketing slogan without genuine meaning or intent. It is what we measure daily and what we hold ourselves to. Our mission statement is for our people to know, understand, and remember what we are all about and how we work and make decisions to accomplish our business objectives. It is what defines us, and reminds us everyday what we are and what we have chosen to be.

Honesty and integrity are the most essentials of our values (the guiding principles of our beliefs and philosophy), and how we conduct ourselves internally and externally. We choose honesty and integrity as our most essential core values which combined with our other valuse, together they are what support our company vision, shape our culture and reflect how our organization drives our business decisons that are the essence of our company’s identity.
We lead by example. All of us. Every single person, from executive team to management team, to our staff that are involved in the day to day running of our business. We lead by example, we do to others what we want done to ourselves. We respect and expect respect back in return. We all hold ourselves to a higher standards.
Every person in our company is asked to accept the responsibility of our company's goals and objectives and realize that their ownership of a task is essential to make sure it gets done properly - and gets done expediently.
We ask our people to focus on professionalism which is essential to see our roles within our company as a whole, not as individual remote parts. This makes each of us focus on our accountability and how essential each of our roles are, as part of our overall organizational goals.

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You can search for and buy valuable digital assets, for instance profitable online businesses or website that generate passive income


You can meet and network with buyers who are seeking a profitable website that is easy to operate or has a good passive income


Why buy or sell if you can lease? Just like leasing a car, you can lease a profitable website or domain name that generates income


You can find profitable Internet businesses or other digital assets to trade in, and often get a residual income from that bussines or asset

BUY, SELL, LEASE, or TRADE digital assets: domains, websites, apps, blogs, more.

No Buyer Fees. No Seller Fees.

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Buy, Sell, Lease, or Trade profitable online businesses or websites, ecommerce sites, montly recurring residual assets, passive income blogs, customer lists (or email lists) for sale, high value domain names, Apps, Amazon FBA, venture trading funds and startups with angel opportunities, IPOs, and other cyber real estate or digital equity-based assets.