Before we mention what we do to protect the privacy of the information you provide to, let's discuss some facts and the realities of information gathering on the Internet, and in particular through Websites.

Most Websites, at least professional and customer-centric ones, have a privacy policy document on their Website disclosing what information they gather and to what extend they use it or disclose it to others. This document policy however not provide any real guarantee that your data will be treated with any particular sensitivity or regard or will have any adequate security protection.

They main aspects of data gathering is to serve mainly 3 areas:

1. What data the Website is collecting about you and your interaction with their Websites, e.g. what pages you visit or what information you provide for them?

2. What the data that is collected is used and why they collect that data in the first, and what long-term intentions they have with regards to storage of that data?

3. And, finally, with what other parties do they share or compare or use that data with?

For most Website owners/businesses that is how they will define and describe their privacy policies. would like to address how we collect, use, and share your interactions with and throughout our community, for instance things like your browsing and search topics and interests, and which kinds of products (e.g. domains, or Apps, or service-based businesses, etc.) you are looking for while looking through our marketplace.

As a marketplace where data about businesses on offer to sell or domains available for purchase, is readily made available by owners to attract the interests of potential buyers, works hard to protect the privacy rights of our users to whatever extend possible considering that information is made available by the owners directly to share with the marketplace community for commercial purposes. The marketplace is built for users to share information about digital assets for sale so it would be a prudent assumption that the information your share about yourself and your business is readily available and shared with countless numbers of people - infinitely.

Despite this reality of sharing information on a marketplace Website, does not share your personally identifiable information which you provide directly to us for use by for the purposes of our business and Website operation, unless this information is sent to us for the purpose of sharing with potential buyers/sellers/traders as pertaining to your offer to sell or buy or lease or negotiate, or otherwise commercially trade with potential buyers or sellers.

If you feel that your personally identifiable information, which you have provided to us for the purposes of operating our business Website, has been violated and/or that your privacy rights have been violated in any way, please contact us and we will take reasonable measures to address your concerns.