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Our Core Values

In an era of constantly growing digital economy, when most companies never talk to their clients on the telephone, let alone meet them in person, we constantly hear the terms "core values, or "mission statement", or "corporate culture", sometimes without any real substance as pertaining to realities of corporate management, leadership, or customer service.

But to us here at our core values represent how we have organized ourselves as a company and how we conduct ourselves, individually.

These core values are integrated in our company operations and every decision we make and in the way we conduct ourselves - guiding us in the direction of our goals. Our mission statement is not just a marketing slogan without genuine meaning or intent. It is what we measure daily and what we hold ourselves to. Our mission statement is for our people to know, understand, and remember what we are all about and how we work and make decisions to accomplish our business objectives. It is what defines us, and reminds us everyday what we are and what we have chosen to be.

Honesty and integrity are the most essentials of our values (the guiding principles of our beliefs and philosophy), and how we conduct ourselves internally and externally. We choose honesty and integrity as our most essential core values which combined with our other valuse, together they are what support our company vision, shape our culture and reflect how our organization drives our business decisons that are the essence of our company’s identity.
We lead by example. All of us. Every single person, from executive team to management team, to our staff that are involved in the day to day running of our business. We lead by example, we do to others what we want done to ourselves. We respect and expect respect back in return. We all hold ourselves to a higher standards.
Every person in our company is asked to accept the responsibility of our company's goals and objectives and realize that their ownership of a task is essential to make sure it gets done properly - and gets done expediently.
We ask our people to focus on professionalism which is essential to see our roles within our company as a whole, not as individual remote parts. This makes each of us focus on our accountability and how essential each of our roles are, as part of our overall organizational goals.

Our Mission Statement

100% Honesty and Integrity - In everything we do, from leadership to management
100% Customer Focused - Our success is dependent on our customers success
100% Fairness - Make decisions based on respect and provide equitable services
100% Responsibility - Provide quality services and deliver results customers expect

We intend to deliver a lot more than just a great marketplace for trading and trading in digital assets, successfully. We deliver to our customers a peace of mind, professionalism and the highest ethical standards of behavior and performance - and we serve our customers diligently in meeting their requirements, providing an excellent value with continuous improvement and adherence to quality standards in the services we build, manage, and provide.

We recruit the best staff, treat them with respect, provide them with real training and genuine development opportunities, and empower them to ensure that we are best-in-class in our customer-centric services. We create a great place to work where people are inspired every day. We demand a positive live-work balance to make sure our people's welfare is of a high priority. We don't overwork our staff for higher profitability, and instead offer an environment that promotes the joy of living and the serenity of the place to interact with colleagues and customers with a positive attitude.

Max Lindsay (Customer Support)

I love working at and I am not just saying that because I work here, I really feel this way. We are all given the authority and autonomy to make decisions based on the company's philosophy and core values. As a result, decision making is very easy and you get ample support from managers and hence we work in a non-aggressive working environment. I can just relax, drink my coffee and help customers on the phone or by email. When something goes wrong, I find a logical way to fix it and help our customers. All new recruits get trained extensively to make sure they are well prepared, and comfortable doing their job and feel relaxed and empowered to help customers and hence avoid any extra pressure or extra unnecessary work placed on the shoulders of other staff in the same department. I really mean it, I love working here at
— Max Lindsay,
Customer Support,


"We had our website developed quite a few years ago by a web developer who had moved away from our region. We also had a few domain names he got for us at that time. Our website looked pretty old so we wanted to get a new one, but these days a good website design starts from $3,500 and up to $6,000 or $7,000. We decided to use to sell our old domains, for which we got paid good enough money, and then decided to buy a ready-made website that was being offered on We contacted Customer Support and spoke with Max and he guided us through the entire process and we found a website that had a great design with features we had hoped for, and we are now almost done with the changes and additional development. The whole thing cost us about $2,000 including the addition of a blog for our family dentistry practice as well as social media marketing services that take care of our social media posts every day. It was a fantastic deal for us and we like to thank Max for helping us and giving us great advice. Thanks."
Robyn Alcantara, Kent Family Dentistry

Amanda Katzman (Advertiser Support)

In my experience, no two advertisers have identical needs. There is always something slightly different. I thoroughly enjoy my work because I get to help people place ads on our website and help achieve their goals, be it selling their website or apps or other web-based assets, or figuring out what is the most appropriate price for their assets and offering it on website. I enjoy my work because my work is fun, our managers are very relaxed and highly experienced and we work in a friendly atmosphere. Everyone is doing something they enjoy and if not, there is always some other role that may suit them more and offer them something they would truely enjoy doing.
— Amanda Katzman,
Advertiser Support,


"My business partner and I were looking for a few potential traders for our next project and we wanted to meet like-minded people. I contacted to see what they can do for us. Amanda explained everything in detail, what they can and cannot do for us, and we selected to do advertising on their website and their newsletter to reach the community and find potential traders. We got many replies to our ad, some were perfect for us and worked out. Amanda was very honest right from beginning giving us a clear and measurable expectation and we made the right decision for the length of the campaign and the type of the campaign that eventually achieved what we wanted to get done. My gratitute to Amanda in Advertising Support, at your company."
Jeremy Hultman, Vice President of AMI Construction Fund

Kathy Zablowski (Seller Broker)

I think people that love their job, perform well at their job. gives me all the tools I need to do a great job for my clients. When I need some ideas and some creativity, there are lots of people here to give me ideas and a different perspective that helps a lot to get creative and find solutions that serve our clients' wishes.
— Kathy Zablowski,
Seller Broker,


"We wanted to remove ourselves from the process of selling one of our Amazon FBA online website businesses. Our sales broker Kathy took care of everything for us, painlessly. My co-workers and I agree on this to say that, Kathy is a great listener and pays attention to specifically what we wanted to accomplish - then she set in motion a plan of action to get the job done. She is a true professional. Thank you."
Mark Friedman, Ecommerce Inspirations, LLC

Michelle Jenna Lewis (Buyer Broker)

There are many great things I like about working at but my favorite has to be the flexible hours of work, and that everyone has a colleague that they shares the tasks with. This allows either of the individuals who share the tasks, to attend to a family emergency or go on a vacation, knowing that everything with your clients will be taken care of perfectly. I love that.
— Michelle J. Lewis,
Buyer Broker,


"My husband and I are getting close to retirement age and we wanted to slow down a little and not work as much as we have for the last 12 years. We looked at passive income generating websites listed for sale on and after choosing a few which we were interested in, we contacted and got to talk to Michelle. She was very helpful and took very good care of us. We are very happy with your service and our new income website and grateful to Michelle. God bless."
Sandra Levy, Blogger Hydroponics

Weston Cook (Customer Support)

It's nice to have automomy and be told that your job duties all include taking good care of customers, here's the training, here's a few mentors when you need them for questions, and here's one manager that you have to report to. That is perfect for me. let's me do my work and focus completely on my duties and tasks. Here is not like some companies where you have 5 bosses and each of them telling you something different. I love working here.
— Weston Cook,
Customer Support,


"We needed help selling our ecommerce business and was too busy to try to sell it ourselves. From initial contact to final escrow process, everthing was explained to us (may be even too much, but not complaining) and we just had a best experience with your staff. Weston send us I think about 15 emails in a single day just to keep us going forward with the buyer. What a great service we got from your company service reps. Thank you."
Zachary Brandt, Model Airplanes, LLC

Sema Chandra (Broker Service Representative)

The job training (especially the role-play that we do during the training) at during the first two weeks of joining the company is just fantastic. Every question you would have later is addressed and when you start your actually job, you know exactly what you are doing and feel very confident that you can do and you can grow and do a better job everyday.
— Sema Chandra,
Broker Service Representative,


"I worked with Sema and her team to get my portfolio of domains and apps sold on RE marketplace. This team was just phonomenal! They helped far more than just broker service. They helped with my Google SEO, they helped with valuation, they helped with showing me how to get traffic reports and so much more than I can list here. Thank you to all of you in your broker team for all your help."
Gabriel Finley, Zen Castle Portfolio, LLC.

Jedd Sherrell (Customer Service Specialist)

After working in server management department for years, I was seeking a job that motivated me and something I was passionate about, which I found to be in our customer service department. I joined Customer Service Specialist. In this position I am growing into, learning constantly, and delivering personalized service to our customers. It is indeed a satisfying job when you do it well. Customer appreciate when you help them and solve their issues.
— Jedd Sherrell,
Customer Service Specialist,


"Hi, just wanted to let you know that Jedd was absolutely great in helping me get all my ducks in a row and put my business for sale with all the financial statements and verification documents. Fantastic customer service. Thank you Jedd."
Mike Latham, Executive Publishing

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